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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  November 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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server. it's been nine days since the fbi director james comey rocked the campaign by announcing a renewed investigation into clinton's emails. now, he's informed congressional leaders that "based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton." those conclusions? that clinton should not be prosecuted. sot - jennifer palmierie / clinton campaign communications director "we're glad that this matter is resolved." nats - on the trail sunday - clinton d sot - hillary clinton / presidential nominee"i hope ohio will turn out in the biggest recorded vote in history on tuesday ?"the democratic nominee instead calling on her star supporters - like n-b-a champion lebron james - as she campaigns in battleground ohio? sot - lebron james / cleveland cavaliers "i was around a community that was like - 'our vote doesn't matter.' but it really does. it really, really does." clinton is gaining ground in our latest abc news - washington post tracking poll? up 48- to-43 against donald trump. nats - trump ignoring the f-b-i news during a stop in minneapolis? sot - donald trump / presidential nominee"don't vote for her. she'd be a
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push alone - targeting five states? including one where polls show he's already well-ahead. sot - donald trump / presidential nominee"we weren't going to come back to iowa. they said, mr. trump, you don't have to, you're leading by so much you don't have to. i said what do you mean i don't have to? i want to go to iowa. i want to go to iowa." this final stretch - a fight to the finish. mary bruce, abc news, washington. getting mail calling them out for not voting in previous elections. it's not coming from the candidates. instead, it's an organization trying to increase turnout. the process is what some are calling voter shaming. kcrg-tv9's phil reed joins us on the story? phil, you talked to a person who's gotten one of these letters? the person i talked to actually wrote the people back letting them know that he was not happy
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why a person did not vote before shaming them "my wife was involved in a serious head on crash in south dakota one week before the election. " samuel dillon spent the week of the elections in 20-12 caring for his wife joann instead voting. the couple was not happy when they received a letter from members of the progressive turnout project, shaming them for missing the vote the letter showed their public voting records for the past four cycles and asked them how family and they knew they were infrequent voters. "i felt very upset that the other three times we had voted, but they showed and depicted that one time. if we had not voted two or three times, that i would understand " linn county auditor joel miller says the letters are legal. "i can't do anything about it. nor the secretary of state so i think it's a legislative issue. if they can regulate it, then maybe they ought to take a chance. " dillon isn't pushing for a new law, but he would like
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how they go about approaching those people. there may be things going on in the background that they are not aware of." the progressive turnout project is a democratic pac that aims to increase voter turnout. a spokesperson for them told me over the phone today that there's no way to tell why people did but studies have shown that sending those letters out will motivate people to vote. will the dillon family plan to vote this year. yes. they are both election officials in hiawatha. thanks, phil. senator chuck grassley and congressman rod blum will campaign together in eastern iowa, tomorrow. they will visit m-j's restaurant in marion at 11:30. then, they'll be at newton's caf in waterloo at 2:30. senator joni ernst will join them.
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updates all day-- and share your voting experience with the hashtag i-a votes. when the polls close at nine-- join us for facebook live. and don't miss a special edition of the t-v nine news at 10. we'll have live reports of key races across the state. let's check in with weather and meteorologis t chris havely? chris, how long are these temps going to stick with us? conditions will continue under mostly clear skies. a cold front will start to impact our weather on monday, but only in the form of slowly increasing clouds. there is only a small chance for a shower or sprinkle as the front makes its way through the area monday night. behind the front for tuesday and wednesday, expect slightly cooler temperatures in the 50s. we'll still be running above normal, but it will feel more like november. skies will stay mostly sunny to partly cloudy.
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17-year-old girl out of cedar rapids. someone last saw mckenna brockmeyer early friday morning at the burger king wearing a blue sweatshirt and black boots. if you have any information, call police. the state fire marshal's office is looking into a fire that destroyed a city building in cedar falls. the fire happened around 10:45 this morning at a building on east fifth street - near the company viking pump. when firefighters got there... ... they found the building engulfed. the city uses the space to store police equipment.
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are saying their final goodbyes to two officers in des moines area. visitation was held today for des moines police sergeant anthony bemino. his funeral is scheduled for 11 a-m tomorrow at the lutheran church of hope in west des moines. and visitation for urbandale officer justin martin is tomorrow from 4 to 8. that's at the south calhoun middle school in his hometown of rockwell city. martin's funeral is tuesday. the two officers were shot and killed minutes what police say what an ambush attack. the suspect, scott greene, faces two counts of first-degree murder. in iowa city, more than one hundred spent the day placing thousands of flags in front of the old capitol. it was for the fourth annual university of iowa veteran association's flag display. members of the organization and volunteers met on the west lawn of the pentacrest, early this morning. they placed each flag in a specific spot to create the
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organizers say the process takes a full day. it's tedious work. "7:22we have 5,500 flags that are all individually made and they're all dedicated to a veteran. we take a lot of pride in that and we want to make sure that it's laid out very delicately and very precisely." on friday, a veterans ceremony will be held at the display. what do lebron james, michael phelps and cryotherapy. but it's not just for celebrities. cedar rapids first cryocenter opened about six weeks ago, called 40- drop. it features what's called whole body cryotherapy. people strip down and hop in what's called a cryo sauna. it uses liquid nitrogen-- to cool air inside the tube. for up to three minutes, users stand in temps as low as 250 below zero. advocates claim it helps relieve muscle pain, and a lot more. 40 drops' owner says it's a step above old
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"we've used it forever. this may be a better way to do that age old treatment." coming up tonight at 10, does it work? we talk with experts to find out if this cold-air treatment is just hot air. check it out. a dubuque couple and their four kids have a reason to celebrate today. they got keys to a new home they and volunteers helped built from the ground up. plus--- find out why batman was there. . and the hawkeyes struggled to ball against penn state. what went wrong? stay
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there's something special about this spot... volunteers from the habitat for humanity and the family spent months putting the property together. today, habitat handed over the keys. kcrg-tv nine's jordee kalk has that story. jordee: a very special dedication was held at this house today. a family of 6 is getting ready to move in here. now the family worked on this house for hours this summer and they say it nat prayer service dozens from across the dubuque community gathered to bless the home on sunday. laparis owens and michele steffy applied to habitat for humanity last january. the couple had to construct part of the home and be able to prove they could make the mortgage payments. on sunday the family finally got a tour inside the finished home. the bedrooms are even decorated with superhero and princess themes for the kids. owens and steffy say this is the home where they can make memories and raisehr family.:25 living in an apartment right down 11 we had to pay for parking we had to worry about t azing the kids got ayard to ruie family can start moving me smaller items into the house now.t they won'officially on thehouse until november 15th
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chris, it was nice day to be outside the house? stay with your 24 hour news
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conditions will continue under mostly clear skies. a cold front will start to impact our weather on monday, but only in the form of slowly increasing clouds. there is only a small chance for a shower or sprinkle as the front makes its way through the area monday night. behind the front for tue wednesday, expect slightly cooler temperatures in the 50s. we'll still be running above normal, but it will feel more like november. skies will stay mostly sunny to partly cloudy. we will warm up quickly on thursday, just before a new cold front
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air for the end of the week, as temperatures will be much closer to mid-november averages, in the low 50s. our next chance for rain looks to be early next workweek. tonight: mostly clear. wind: sse 5-10 low: 42 alo: 40 dbq: 42 iow: 42 39 to 45 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: s 5-10 high: 66 alo: 65 dbq: 64 iow: 65 63 to 6 with isolated showers or sprinkles possible. wind: w 5-10 low: 48 alo: 46 dbq: 47 iow: 46 45 to 51 tuesday: mostly sunny. high: 57 alo: 48 wednesday: sunny. high: 58 low: 36 thursday: sunny. high:
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high: 54 low: 41 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 52 low: 31 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 57 low: 39 monday: chance of showers. high: 55 low: 43 thanks chris. for the iowa football team last night, and the schedule doesn't get any easier. michigan comes to town next
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the iowa football team after getting pounded by no. 12 penn state last night, 41-14. ... penn state's offense was able to do anything it wanted against iowa with 599 yards of total offense, including 359 yards
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offense, iowa ran for just 30 yards, which is the lowest since 2013, and was held to a season low 234 total yards. "they played well. they played tough. they played better than us today. we were close on some drives, third and inches, third and a foot. we just couldn't convert on those and that's tough." "we really gotta come together this week as a team. and we have to focus on we didn't come up with that were obviously killers. it just gave them momentum. it's something we have to focus on. just being close isn't good enough and it's not in big ten football, and it never will be. that's something that we have to take a big step forward this week. and i'm just looking forward to getting back on the field against michigan." trt: 35 oc: "on the field against michigan" ... nfl football, vikings back home hosting detroit... trying to snap a 2-game losing streak ... 3rd quarter, sam bradford with the play-action, finds a wide open kyle
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quarter, 25 seconds left, vikings down 13-9... rhett ellison takes the jet sweep... he crosses the goal-line... the ball is popped loose, but refs say touchdown... vikings up 16-13 with 23 seconds left ... detroit was able to get in field goal range for matt prater... and he drills this 58-yard field goal to tie the game up and sent it to overtime ... lions get the ball to start ot... matthew stafford hits golden tate... two defenders can't bring him down, he gets away and flips in for the game-winning touchdown... vikings fall 22-16 ... chiefs hosting jacksonville ... 1st quarter, nick foles throws a beauty to albert wilson for the 23- yard touchdown... chiefs up 7-0 ... 2nd quarter, closing seconds before the half... blake bortles hits allen robinson for the touchdown... chiefs led 10-7 at halftime ... 4th quarter... jaguars mount a comeback... bortles hits t.j. yeldon who runs it in for the score... chiefs only up 19-14 ... later on, final chance
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k.c. wins 19-14 ... it's hard to believe, but college basketball is back. some area teams had exhibition games today hoping to get the rust off and figure out lineups. ... first up, iowa women at home facing lewis university ... 1st quarter action, tania davis goes down low to megan gustafson... and she knocks in the deuce for two of her 16 points... it's tied 2-2 ... later in the 1st, davis strips the ball away, and she'll had 9 points and 10 assists... 6-6 tie ... 2nd quarter action, ally disterhoft dealing with two defenders... she somehow gets a shot off and gets fouled... she finished with 15 points ... iowa has five freshman this year who will see playing time... one of them is linn-mar grad amanda ollinger who drives and lays it in ... closing minute of the 2nd quarter... disterhoft hits the mid-range jumper... iowa wins 61-35... season opener is on
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briar cliff in an exhibition ... a lot of three- pointers early in this one... jadda buckley drains one to put cyclones up three... she finished with 14 points ... laer, it's seanna johnson knocking down a trey of her own... cyclones lead by three again... then in transition, johnson finishes with the layup... she had 16 points... cyclones up 20-8 ... closing seconds before halftime, emily durr 3-ball corner pocket... bingo... she had 13 points as the cyclones win 85-46 down with nate sanderson. many of you know him as the springville girls basketball head coach, but we're talking cubs baseball. he was there for game 7 to witness history. thanks josh. meteorologist chris havely will have another check of your sunday
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check of your sunday forecast, up next.
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ screams ] [ grunts ] oh! [ whistle blows ] yeah! yeah! [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro. whoo! [ cheers and applause ] thank you.


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